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You are the most important part of the organizing process. Not only will your participation ensure that all items rightfully make their way to the toss/donate pile, but insights into your habits are crucial in designing a system that works for you. Finally, taking part in the process, you will learn the skills necessary to maintain your organization system for years to come.




Craft rooms

Bedrooms & living areas

Kitchen & dining areas


Laundry Rooms

Home office

Children’s play areas


When we declutter and remove unnecessary items from spaces, they become more useful and pleasant to be in. Once spaces have been decluttered, they can easily be organized and maintained. Less stuff means less to stuff to manage and care for. Less really is more!

Whether it is paper or web-based, cleaning up and implementing basic filing systems will help you stay in control of your finances and priorities. Every situation is unique, but everyone can benefit from less paperwork and instant file retrieval.


We will define the zones in your home or workplace to optimize the vertical and horizontal space. Together, we’ll create a well thought out floor plan that increases your peace, efficiency, and productivity.

You & I will work side by side and make decisions about where your things should live and how many of each thing is reasonable for your family to own. At no time will I ever force, guilt, or shame you into throwing anything away. This is your journey and you are in control.




Moving Services

People move for many reasons – relocation, downsizing, life transitions, empty nest, loss of a loved one, divorce.  Regardless of the circumstance, you don’t need to go it alone.  There will be a lot to do to prepare and keep track of and I can help you do what needs doing in a calm and orderly manner.

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Home Sale Prep

When selling your home, you want to sell your space, not your stuff. I can help you declutter and organize your space so that your home sells as quickly as possible.

I can also help with minor aesthetic home repairs and touch ups so your home will shine.


a modern living room

Moving Services

I can help you as much or as little as you need with:

Moving prep – purging before packing

Coordinating logistics

Unpacking and organizing

Storage solutions

Pricing + Packages

Not sure what to choose or how much you need?

Contact me for a free phone consultation.

  • Package hours will be split into multiple sessions of a reasonable length that we discuss and agree upon.  Peace is my goal and I don’t want you to be overwhelmed.
  • You may add onto any package at my hourly rate as needed.
  • Pricing reflects onsite labor hours and:
    • Shopping services (if desired).
    • Any additional time spent space planning and designing organizing solutions.
    • Any additional time spent researching products and suggesting items for purchase.
  • You can also apply hours to disposal of unwanted items (either by me  for smaller items or scheduling pick up for larger items)
  • Packages expire 12 months after the date of purchase.
  • Cost of products purchased or disposal fees are not included in the service price.

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